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Turner Häus Brewery partnered with craft brewery Tennessee Brew Works and Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey to celebrate community through craft beer with the limited release of a Caribbean- Style Stout, Queen’s Legacy.

Queen’s Legacy is named in honor of Uncle Nearest’s Master blender Victoria Eady Butler the great-great-granddaughter of Nearest Green a.k.a, Uncle Nearest, recognized as Jack Daniel’s mentor and the first known African American Master Distiller. “Queen” is also meant to pay homage to all matriarchs that have made a positive impact on our lives.

Queen’s Legacy’s ingredients are indigenous to Africa. The beer is brewed with 100 percent malted millet, the main grain used in Africa to produce alcoholic beverages. The hops used are from South Africa and the yeast strain produces a bouquet of fruity esters. The base beer is slightly sweet, balanced by dry coffee and roasted malted millet, supported by subtle fruity notes from South Africa hops and yeast. The vanilla oak, almond spice, and caramel flavors of the Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey barrels provide an additional layer of complexity and flair, making this beer truly unique and special.

Turner Häus Brewery + Tennessee Brew Works + Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey

Turner Haus Brewery partnered with Alulu Brew Pub and Guidance Whiskey to create a barrel aged series. To our knowledge this is the first time a Black owned brewery, a Black owned whiskey company and a Black head brewer have collaborated on a beer.


The first beer, Priscilla-Hunter, is a Kettle Sour, aged in Guidance Whiskey barrels with lemons and cherries. ABV 10%.


The second beer in the series, Lillie, is a Scotch Ale aged in a Guidance Whiskey barrel . ABV 10% .

Turner Häus Brewery + Alulu Brew Pub + Guidence Whiskey

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Turner Häus Brewery + Tennessee Brew Works

In celebration of Black History Month and honoring Wilma “the Black Gazelle” Rudolph, we pulled out all the stops for Gazelle a hazy double IPA collaboration with long-time friends at Tennessee Brew Works (Nashville, TN). Utilizing some preeminent hops, including Waimea, Strata, Idaho 7 and Cashmere, this brew is dominated by citrus and tropical fruit notes with enough dankness to gratify any IPA palate.

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